The progression of my art has reflected the arc of my life.  Along the way, my impulse has been singular—to give expression to the mystery of life’s contrasting forces.  Through visual language, I have sought to understand, and ultimately to accept, both the beauty and cruelty inherent in the cycles of nature—the joy of new life, new beginnings and the wonder of growth; the complexities of dying and mystery of death; and the seemingly infinite, indomitable spiral of rejuvenation, transformation, evolution.

Though I weave back and forth between representational and more abstract imagery as a printmaker, the persistent touchstones in my work have always been nature and natural forms.  I am drawn to these subjects first on a level of a purely sensuous aesthetic, but also and of equal importance, on a level of meaning.  Nature is for me the palpable manifestation of the divine; I am fascinated with its seamless harmonies and troubled by human intervention rupturing its tides.  My work lives in the cracks between recognizing the devastation our species has wrought and seeking to reconcile humankind with the earth from which we've sprung.



For You, Collagraph Monoprint, 30" x 20", 2016